Steady progress is being made with our discussion paper on Global Warming and Marxist Crisis Theory – but this remains a working title and something more snappy is required before we publish!

The aim is to have a draft report excluding the final conclusions and recommendations ready for our next class/seminar at 7 pm on Thursday, 19 July. Then, if all goes well, we should be in a position to circulate for comment to students a first draft of the completed report and then a draft for everyone interested to comment on. The overall aim is to complete our work in the autumn. With a break in classes and seminars in August, this means the class/seminar on 19 July is an important one. All regular and occasional students are encouraged to attend.

If you would like to participate in this project or you wish to obtain further information about it, you can contact us at


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  1. Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD) · · Reply

    I have found this research to be interesting on two counts. Firstly, through my interaction with our Comrade Branch Secretary (Dr Martin Graham), I have gained a more refined understanding of how a CPB Branch conducts a collective research programme. Secondly, I have benefitted greatly from learning from the subject content, and providing peripheral imput fom my Russian-language sources. Thirdly, I have discussed this research with my partner (Comrade Gee) and my parents who live in Torquay (Comrades of the CPB). This is true Communist education provided free at the point of use.

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