Our Global Warming Project Nears Completion

The CUiSL discussion paper on anthropomorphic global warming has been submitted to CUiSL’s sponsor, the Croydon Branch of the Communist Party and now awaits decisions on publication. Copies are available on request but not yet for public comment, publication or onward transmission.

The study concluded that global warming caused by burning fossil fuels poses a huge threat to humanity and can be analysed using classic Marxist theory of crisis and social revolution. The study was critical of the progress made by governments to halt global warming, and concluded that global warming is part of the class struggle and provides an opportunity and a necessity to replace capitalism with socialism. The report proposed a strategy based on six initiatives   –

    • Educate and argue within communist and socialist parties, in the UK and internationally and in social democratic parties including the Labour Party for recognition of the reality of global warming and the priority of addressing it. The message we must get across is that global warming is a class issue and threatens the entire working class.
    • Increase our links with green parties, seeking to persuade them that we take global warming seriously and that capitalism is at the root of the problem.
    • Work within the democratic structures of trade unions to persuade their members and thus their leaderships that global warming must be addressed and that trade union policies that run counter to this are not in the best long term interests of their members and their families
    • Campaigns to ensure that the cost of global warming and the cost of measures to address global warming are born by capital, not workers. While recognizing that they do not go far enough, so-called ‘Just Transition’ initiatives such as the Joint Statement from the Greener Jobs Alliance[i] and the TUC’s pamphlet Green and Fairer Future[ii] should be supported.
    • Ruthlessly expose every instance where government ignores global warming – for example the UK government’s decisions to expand Heathrow, license fracking, not support renewable energy and cut subsidies for public transport.


The study concluded that, while the last action should be given the highest profile, it needs to be recognised that capitalism is inherently incapable of adopting it.



[i] Greener Jobs Alliance, Joint Statement on Just Transition in the UK, March 2018, http://www.greenerjobsalliance.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/JustTransitionJointStatement-FINAL.pdf

[ii] TUC, A Green and Fairer Future for a just transition to a low carbon economy https://www.tuc.org.uk/sites/default/files/documents/greenfuture.pdf







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