The Global Warming Paper – more work needed?

The Communist University in South London discussion paper on Global Warming was finalised last month and circulated for comment. This process continues. You may request a copy by e-mailing

The paper continues to receive generally favourable responses but, following its initial distribution, there were three significant developments which are not covered –

  • The publication in October by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) questioning what has been achieved so far and calling for “unprecedented action” in the next twelve years to contain global warming below 1.5C
  • The response, or rather lack of response, of governments and their official oppositions to the IPCC report.
  • Evidence overlooked in the paper that, despite the huge growth in green energy anticipated in the next twenty years, fossil fuel consumption is forecast not to decline – rather it is forecast to increase by 14% by 2040. See blog by Croydon Communists on 29 September.

Furthermore some comments we have received question one of the two key conclusions in the paper. The conclusion that, if global warming is to be halted, fossil fuels must be left in the ground went largely unchallenged; but the conclusion that capitalism is incapable of leaving fossil fuels in the ground when there are profits to be earned from its extraction was questioned by some.

We need to update our report to take account of the three subsequent developments. Perhaps more significantly, however, is there a need to make the argument that capitalism is incapable of leaving fossil fuels in the ground more prominently, better argued and with more supporting evidence? Do you agree and would you be interested in contributing to this work?

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