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Possible new study of banking and banking crises

It is now 11 years since the global financial system teetered on the brink of collapse and governments were forced to intervene to prop up it up. These interventions took the form of government effectively guaranteeing all counterparty risk across the system. This secured the continuation of banks’ deposit taking and business and personal credit activities (i.e. their […]

A Note of the Class held on Thursday 16 November 2017 on Rediscovering Economics

The final class of the Autumn Term comprised a report by Jerry Jones on the work he is undertaking on a book provisionally titled Rediscovering Economics and the ensuing comments and discussion by students. Jerry has been working on his book for a number of years and hopes to publish it 2018. As preparation for […]

A Note on the CUiSL class on 21 September 2017 on Universal Basic Income

Framework for discussion The class agreed that, while Universal Basic Income (UBI) could be analysed from a social welfare perspective, it could also be viewed as a reform of income tax. The approach adopted by the Economics Commission of the Communist Party in their report From Each According to Their Means[i] would then be relevant: […]

Credit Unions

The class on 7 July, the last before our summer break, was on Credit Unions. It was introduced by  John Tooze who drew on the following note. Credit Unions: Such linked to society ORIGINS:  Rochdale pioneers.  Factory workers collaborating to move away from the strictures of their employer’s intent on wages being spent in the […]

International Economics

The class on 4 March was introduced by Dr Jerry Jones. The topics discussed and some of the issues involved are summarised in the following note. 1. International trade International trade policies and agreements; import controls, tariffs, quantitative restrictions, quotas, countervailing duties, subsidies for domestic producers, and exchange rates; export taxes. 2. Foreign exchange transactions […]


The following paper on How Socialism will Work was presented by Tom Burr to the class in September as part of our on-going series on economics and political economy. As with all student papers presented at CUiSL, it represents the personal views of the author and on this occasion,  as is invariably the case, led to lively […]