The Communist University in South London (CUiSL) is embarking on a new venture. CUiSL is an independent, self-styled open university, sponsored by the Croydon Branch of the Communist Party and promoted by its London District Committee. Until now it has confined its activities to learning through interactive group study. We are now looking to conduct […]

The final class of the Autumn Term comprised a report by Jerry Jones on the work he is undertaking on a book provisionally titled Rediscovering Economics and the ensuing comments and discussion by students. Jerry has been working on his book for a number of years and hopes to publish it 2018. As preparation for […]

Framework for discussion The class agreed that, while Universal Basic Income (UBI) could be analysed from a social welfare perspective, it could also be viewed as a reform of income tax. The approach adopted by the Economics Commission of the Communist Party in their report From Each According to Their Means[i] would then be relevant: […]

NOTE OF CUiSL class on 20 July 2017   The CUiSL class on 20 July 2017 was attended by 11 students including 8 members of the Communist Party, four of whom were members of the Croydon Branch. The class was an examination of the ideas contained in the book Four Futures by Peter Frase, summarised here. […]

We have found that the best way of learning is not to be instructed by an ‘expert’, it is to discuss and  listen to the experience and knowledge of others. At CUiSL we welcome everyone interested in learning about Marxism and applying it to analysing real-world problems. We meet on the third Thursday of the month on the […]

Having taken an extended break, the Communist University in South London (CUiSL) is about to return. We have a new, regular date: 7 pm on the third Thursday of every month (August and December being possible exceptions); the same venue – the top floor of Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon CR0 1BD with the same educational philosophy: learning by […]

The BBC’s news coverage is practically indistinguishable from that of the capitalist press, and even its topical comedy output is full of jibes about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed “unelectability” , so it is gratifying when a programme that questions, however modestly, the capitalist status quo occasionally slips through. A recent example was a 30 minute programme […]

The Communist University has been conducting a review of its activities and how best to promote Marxist Education in South London in the light of: a. the need to refresh the current approach of holding monthly student-led evening classes at Ruskin House, Croydon; b. the reinvigoration of classes in Marxism provided by the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell; and c. […]

The class on 7 July, the last before our summer break, was on Credit Unions. It was introduced by  John Tooze who drew on the following note. Credit Unions: Such linked to society ORIGINS:  Rochdale pioneers.  Factory workers collaborating to move away from the strictures of their employer’s intent on wages being spent in the […]

This discussion paper by Martin Graham was discussed at the class on Tuesday, 2 June 2015. The Structure and Purpose of Education In orthodox Marxist theory, education is seen as part of the super-structure underpinned by the economic status quo.  The focus is on what is taught. In The German Ideology, Marx argued that The ideas of the […]