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Notes on Rural Development in China from the 1950s to 1980s: From Mutual Aid to Co-Operatives to People‚Äôs Communes to Household Responsibility

Notes and appendices by Dr Jerry Jones in support of a presentation to the CUiSL class on 6 May 2014 Preamble First, China is a very large, complex country, with a highly decentralized political structure, with a lot of local autonomy. Thus, what I report here applies to some areas much more than others. Very […]


A paper by Nigel Green presented at the Communist University of South London, Ruskin House, Croydon on 1 April 2014 Acknowledgements I wish to thank the following people whose material I found on the internet or who advised me in person: David Ayton, Keith Bennett, Heiko Khoo, Morning Star, Communist Review, Workers World USA, Wikipedia, […]