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GLOBAL WARMING – a discussion paper

Preface The Communist University in South London (CUiSL) is sponsored by the Croydon Branch of the Communist Party and meets on the third Thursday of every month (August and December excepted) at Ruskin House, Croydon. In these classes and workshops we study and discuss Marxism, science, history and contemporary political issues. It is open to […]

The Global Warming Paper – more work needed?

The Communist University in South London discussion paper on Global Warming was finalised last month and circulated for comment. This process continues. You may request a copy by e-mailing cuisl@communist-party.org.uk. The paper continues to receive generally favourable responses but, following its initial distribution, there were three significant developments which are not covered – The publication […]

Our Global Warming Project Nears Completion

The CUiSL discussion paper on anthropomorphic global warming has been submitted to CUiSL’s sponsor, the Croydon Branch of the Communist Party and now awaits decisions on publication. Copies are available on request but not yet for public comment, publication or onward transmission. The study concluded that global warming caused by burning fossil fuels poses a huge threat to humanity […]


Steady progress is being made with our discussion paper on Global Warming and Marxist Crisis Theory – but this remains a working title and something more snappy is required before we publish! The aim is to have a draft report excluding the final conclusions and recommendations ready for our next class/seminar at 7 pm on Thursday, 19 July. Then, if all goes […]